Store with confidence.

With SecureLease Self Storage facilities are finally able to assume limited responsibility for stored goods through SecureLease. SecureLease assumes responsibility for your belongings with much better terms and conditions than a typical homeowners policy or expensive self storage tenant insurance products.

  • SecureLease® is not insurance therefore has no deductible in the event of loss
  • SecureLease® assumes responsibility for both commercial and personal goods
  • SecureLease® pays full replacement value up to $5,000
  • Every SecureLease® comes with $500 worth of vermin/moth/infestation protection

See terms and conditions of SecureLease for protection plan details.


Advantages of SecureLease:

  • Satisfies the compulsory coverage clause contained in most self storage agreements
  • Automatically amends the limit of value of goods stored to the stated full replacement value up to $5,000
  • Runs concurrent with your lease ensuring you only pay for the SecureLease® addendum during the time you rent the storage space
  • SecureLease® fees are paid for with the rent
  • Everything is contained in the SecureLease® addendum with no additional forms to fill out
  • Lets you store with confidence